This project encourages you to examine the confluence between cafés, the urban environment, and the creativity of multilingual Jewish communities. The mapping and digital storytelling tools you will find here are based on extensive research done for Prof. Shachar Pinsker’s book A Rich Brew: How Cafés Created Modern Jewish Culture (NYU Press, 2018). Consider this site a companion resource, or a standalone project for you to experience.


You can examine Jewish café culture through cities, people, and time. In “Cities,” you will explore cafés geographically. In “People” you will learn about the writers, artists, journalists, activists, and actors. “Time” will open a timeline of the cafés established from the early 19th century to present.

Learn more about key people and events which shaped Jewish culture in the café by exploring StoryMaps which offer detailed narratives incorporating historical maps, photographs, paintings, and literature.