About the Project

Transnational Jewish modernity was born in the café.

This project examines the confluence between cafés, the urban environment, and the creativity of multilingual Jewish diasporic communities. It uncovers a network of interconnected people and coffeehouses that were central to the modern Jewish experience in a time of migration and urbanization. Explore all cafés, cities, and people, or consider how culture traveled between urban centers such as Odessa, Vienna, Warsaw, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and New York City. This website will continue to grow and change over time. Stay tuned for updates and additional tools and materials. You can access the website and digital tools from any device, but some portions of the site are optimized for viewing and exploring on a desktop or laptop computer.

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About the Team

This project was created by a multidisciplinary team of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and staff. We span several disciplines including Judaic Studies, Information Science, and Geographic Information Systems:

  • Professer Shachar Pinsker
  • Erin Platte
  • Olivia Stillman
  • Robyn Han
  • Isabella Buzynski
  • Kai Mishuris
  • Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña
  • Caitlin Dickinson
  • Robert Connot

And with support from:

  • Professor Deborah Dash Moore
  • Alix Keener
  • Sarah Clayton
  • Rachel Deblinger
  • Peter Knoop
  • Samiha Matin
  • Justin Joque
  • Yotam Fisher-Pinsker
  • Nikki Shultz